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Association of Democratic Physicians
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Giannis Milios, Professor of Political Economy, former chief economist of the 1st SYRIZA government: A very important documentary!

Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Film Critic: It is important, no, it is essential to make a movie with Greek people in Greece and viewers in Germany as equals. I have been following Wolfgang Reinke’s works for some years with sympathy and respect. His works allows people to empathize and reflect. It is high time that Reinke’s documentary material is made accessible to German and international audiences.

Dr. Nadja Rakowitz, Manageress of the Association of Democratic Physicians: The crisis policy has been detrimental to the health sector. The impressive show of solidarity of Greece’s health sector workers is rarely reported and remains underexposed. I fully support the idea to dedicate a film to the solidarity clinic’s activists and the idea to provide a human and resisting cinematic counterpart to the structural adjustment programmes.