Upcoming screenings


In the presence of Fotis Andreopoulos, film protagonist and activist from Piraeus, and Wolfgang Reinke, the director.

28.1.2019 – Frankfurt/M. – Medico International – 19:00

30.1.2019 – Hamburg – Lichtmess – 19:30

31.1.2019 – Dresden – Schauburg- 20:00

2.2.2019 – Berlin – Regenbogenfabrik – 19:30

Organised by KOSMOTIQUE Dresden, Verein der demokratischen Ärztinnen und Ärzte (VdÄÄ), and others, in cooperation with ZUSAMMEN Film Production. Funded by Stiftung Menschenwürde und Arbeitswelt, Verein Solidarisches Gesundheitswesen, ROSALUX Berlin


Here is a short clip that shows Vasiliki, one the protagonists of the documentary:

Crowd funding started today!

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We are looking forward an exciting month. We will offer you interesting news about Greece, the Solidarity Clinic in Piraeus, the main location of the film, and step by step we will introduce you to our protagonists and the film team. Please, support our campaign, donate, share our news and meet us at one of our numerous events!

Today we would like the film idea tell its own story and refer to our work in progress video: