Idea and Direction: Wolfgang Reinke, *1974

Wolfgang Reinke hw_reinke_f_welti-9088-200x300as worked as a freelance author, director and producer of three full length documentary movies and many short works. Human existence in all its facets, often conflict-laden life and the pursuit of beauty even in moments of crisis and failure, in short, the fundamental questions of being as his inspiration.

Wolfgang Reinke follows his protagonists through their daily lives in the style of cinema direct. STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENTS shows how solidarity and initiative through the hands of individuals can provide a way out of extremely difficult situations. The film shines a direct light on the Greek reality of life, hardship, fears and hopes.

Andreas Tietze, *1977 – heading the campaign

Seema Mehta, * 1984 – online und social media

Stephan B├╝low, *1979 – texts und networking